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AOL Acquires Social Thing


Yesterday SocialThing confirmed the rumors floating around the internet that they had been acquired by AOL.  This is definitely an exciting opportunity for them and for the users as well.  SocialThing will now have the capital and the infrastructure needed to scale and accelerate their product to the next level.  The important thing is that SocialThing is going to work hard to make sure that the user experience stays the same

As the CEO Matt mentions on the Social Thing blog:

“But with these kinds of acquisitions come some really cool opportunities. Specifically speaking, we have a really cool opportunity ahead of us to integrate into some other AOL products that might change the way you see social aggregation. AIM is a really big target for us, both on the aggregation and on the publishing side, so you can imagine how excited we are to be able to work along side the team.”

There is definitely a lot of potential for Socialthing, especially if they will be working under the AOL umbrella and hopefully integrating with AOL platforms and services such as AIM.  I’m sure everyone is excited to see what is going to happen with SocialThing and we wish them all the best on their new journey!

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