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Dr. Trades in Medical Practice for Blog


Doctor Arnold Kim better know as the publisher of super blog Mac Rumors has just quit the medical gig to become a full time blogger.

From the New York Times:

Dr. Kim’s Web site now attracts more than 4.4 million people and 40 million page views a month, according to Quantcast, making it one of the most popular technology Web sites.

It is enough to make Dr. Kim hang up his stethoscope. This month he stopped practicing medicine and started blogging full time.

“In some ways I’ve neglected the site for so long,” he said in a telephone interview. “Now that I actually have a chance to work on it full time, there’s a good chance it can grow more.”

Does he make more blogging than he did as a doctor?

Not sure but he certainly makes enough to be able forgo his doctors salary and still cover his bills.

Just the latest example that if you work hard, and have good content you can make a living blogging.

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