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June 20th Last Day To Save up to 50% Off On Your BlogWorld Registration



That’s today. So what are you waiting for? Go register now and save your cash for the tables, or for drinking money, or to buy yourself a nice dinner, or a nice present for your spouse that you so thoughtlessly left at home while you went gallivanting off to Vegas to hang out with your freaky blogger friends!….

Did I say that out loud? Seriously register today and save some cash. If you insist on giving us more money wait until tomorrow. It’s all good…..

Yes I need sleep.


  • Liz

    I was seriously thinking of registering but you don’t have any schedule posted, just a list of keynote speakers and mention of an exhibit hall. You don’t really provide a lot of reasons to come to your conference or, at least, they are not obvious on your website.

  • Rick

    You are right Liz. Sorry We will have the speakers and conference sessions for this year up by next week. But if you wanted to get a good idea of what you are going to get then take a look at last year’s sessions, here:

    You can view videos from last year here:

  • GeekMommy

    Well, I guess I’ll be paying a little extra like Liz…

    Hope you guys get it figured out soon! 🙂 Sorry if you had to spend your whole weekend doing it.

  • @CoachDeb

    Aloha Rick,

    IS there a way 2 extend the 50% promo until once the list of speakers are up?

    It’s hard 2 promote something w/ integrity to my loyal list of subscribers & followers w/out knowing the lineup or the topics & panelists.

    Once I know who’ll be presenting – I can highlight the top 10 influencers I know as a post & encourage them with reasons WHY to join & what they’ll specifically learn.

  • STeve

    Hi there…
    I still do not see a schedule or event description. Where can I get this info?
    We are serious about attending BlogWorld in Vegas.

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