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Judge Presiding Over Obscenity Trial Has Sexually Explicit Website of His Own


This LA Times story comes from the so sad it’s funny file:

The Judge Alex Kozinski told the LA Times he didn’t realize the website was publicly accessible and thought he was the only one who could view it. He was also overheard saying “the Interweb is a series of tubes!”

An obscenity trial in Los Angeles federal court was suspended today after The Times reported that the judge presiding over the case has maintained his own publicly accessible website featuring sexually explicit photos and videos.

Early on the article mentions some fairly mild if not kinky photos on the site. But later on adds this:

The sexually explicit material on Kozinski’s site earlier this week was extensive, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex. There was a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual, and a folder that contained a series of photos of women’s crotches as seen through snug fitting clothing or underwear. There were also themes of defecation and urination, though they are not presented in a sexual context.

The Judge says he must have uploaded the photos by mistake. I don’t know this guy from adam but he is 59 years old so….

Read the whole article, there are lots of laugh lines like this one:

Defense attorney Roger Diamond made no objection to Kozinski continuing to hear the case


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  • Wakas Mir

    Amazing.. what has the world come to. People who are to know the law inside out are themselves doing silly things.

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