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Someone sent me a direct message on Twitter recently asking if I had signed up for Plurk yet. I was curious so I did some quick research. Seems it is meant to be a better scalable version of Twitter with a few added features. 

So I signed up. You can follow us/me @BlogWorld. The guys at The Drill Down Podcast are big Plurk fans and think this could be a twitter killer and will almost certainly kill Pownce.

Well I never signed up for Pownce so I don’t know about that. As for Twitter, if Plurk doesn’t crash, slowdown, burp, etc maybe it will. However I like the visual presentation of Twitter better. That could be it’s just because I am used to it. Plurk also has a long way to go as far as adoption.

What a lot of early adopters and this certainly includes tech bloggers continually fail to realize is that most normal people don’t use services like Twitter, Pownce and Plurk. At least not yet.

Twitter is just starting to crack the mainstream blogging consciousness. Plurk is not even close to approaching that barrier.

Are you on Plurk?

what do you Think?


  • Sam Stevens

    Meh, I’m not impressed with Plurk. The timeline is awkward, and the Karma points system is too cutesy. If Twitter could simply solve it’s scaling problems, Plurk would be a moot issue. If Twitter fails, I’d prefer to see Jaiku take it’s place.

    As for Pownce, it’s a wonderful system—you should try it out! It’s more than Twitter, so comparisons aren’t entirely appropriate. In my view, Pownce is microblogging while Twitter is messaging. They each have their place.

  • GeekMommy

    I got on plurk about 20 minutes before Leo Laporte – and then he deluged the system with followers…
    They went from 3k users in 8 hours.

    The format appeals to some, not others. It’s a different dynamic. Usually, it appeals more to those who would be heavy chat room users.

    The visual appeal of the mobile site http://www.plurk.com/m/ appeals a bit more to most twitter users, due to vertical orientation and fewer bells & whistles.

    For me, the appeal of Plurk is two-fold: it is good for socializing on a large scale and it’s great for conversation when I’m mobile using my Treo. Because of the comment/response structure on the mobile site, it’s much easier to track conversations with multiple users than it is on Twitter or Friend Feed or the like.

    It certainly won’t be a Twitter-killer. The a-list, early adopters, and power users weren’t terribly enamoured of it and while they created accounts, haven’t really used it much. But it will appeal to a certain segment of users. I expect that Plurk will thrive and endure – and will provide a nice alternative when Twitter outages occur.

    That’s my 2 cents anyways!

  • GeekMommy

    Hmmm. The comment form didn’t like my use of less than symbol.
    Let me amend that one sentence:
    “They went from less than 200 to more than 3k users in 8 hours.”

  • Elmer Thomas

    The biggest value add at Plurk is the conversation framework. When someone comments on your “Plurk”, the thread can very quickly turn into a mini chat room. (see some of problogger’s or leolaporte’s “Plurks”)

    A close second is the responsiveness of the architecture coupled with the responsiveness of the community.

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