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June 2008

June 20th Last Day To Save up to 50% Off On Your BlogWorld Registration



That’s today. So what are you waiting for? Go register now and save your cash for the tables, or for drinking money, or to buy yourself a nice dinner, or a nice present for your spouse that you so thoughtlessly left at home while you went gallivanting off to Vegas to hang out with your freaky blogger friends!….

Did I say that out loud? Seriously register today and save some cash. If you insist on giving us more money wait until tomorrow. It’s all good…..

Yes I need sleep.

Join Us Friday June 20th for BlogWorld Radio Our Guest Will Be Bob Cox of the Media Bloggers Association


***Update 10:09 pm PST****

The link below now points to the archived interview Jim Turner and I conducted with Bob Cox today. A very interesting discussion and I encourage you to listen to the whole thing and share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Media Bloggers Association has posted an update here.

Join Jim Turner, me and our guest Robert Cox President of the Media Bloggers Association on BlogWorld Radio tomorrow at noon PST.

You can call in to 646-716-7047.

***Update 7:16 am June 20***

Poynter Online has a great rundown of posts concerning this controversy here.

If you haven’t heard there is a little drama going on with The Associated Press, A little blog known as The Drudge Retort ;a spoof of the famous or infamous Drudge Report as the case may be.

Very short version of the story, The AP sent several DMCA take down notices to The Drudge Retort. Some of those notices went beyond normal fair use standards. Rogers Cadenhead the publisher of The Drudge Retort complied with several of the notices and called the Media Bloggers Association for help.

Then all hell broke loose. The Blogosphere is railing against the AP. Jeff Jarvis has been very vocal. Sites like TechCrunch and Little Green Footballs are banning all AP content.

Mike Arrington and numerous others suspect a conspiracy between The AP, The NYT and The MBA.

Others are calling the MBA a flat out scam and even attacking the man at the center of this bruhaha Cadenhead.

Now some are coming to the MBA and Cox’ defense.

What is the real story? I don’t know and the truth is most folks in the Blogosphere don’t either but that doesn’t stop many from forming opinions and lynching parties.

So Join us tomorrow at noon PST on BlogWorld Radio where we hope to get the MBA’s side of the story from Robert Cox. Please call in 646-716-7047 and give us your take or leave a comment below if you have any questions you would like us to ask.

Bloggers Should Not Take Free Speech For Granted


There are few things people agree on in the Blogosphere. In fact the debate and discourse are arguably the most compelling thing about the Blogosphere. Anyone can say just about anything they want and they can say it without fear of prosecution and in most cases for free.

Well not everyone. Per the BBC Today:

More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.

In 2007 three times as many people were arrested for blogging about political issues than in 2006, it revealed.

More than half of all the arrests since 2003 have been made in China, Egypt and Iran, said the report.

It goes on:

Arrested bloggers exposed corruption in government, abuse of human rights or suppression of protests. They criticised public policies and took political figures to task.

More than half of all the arrests since 2003 have been made in China, Egypt and Iran, said the report.

For instance, it said the Committee to Protect Bloggers has published information about 344 people arrested in Burma – many of whom are thought to be be bloggers – but the WIA could not verify all the reports.

It also noted that many nations, perhaps as many as 30, imposed technological restrictions on what people can do online. In nations such as China this made it difficult for people to use a blog as a means of protest.

This report doesn’t mention even mention the severe free speech restrictions in Canada and most of Western Europe.  The next time you find yourself ranting about your congressman, senator, or local mayor; The next time you do a Google search for “human rights abuses in China” thank your lucky stars that you are free to do so.

More than that be mindful of your responsibility to maintain those freedoms for all of us and use a power that we as citizens have never had before in all of human history to help spread these freedoms to bloggers in countries like China, Burma, Iran, and Egypt.


Judge Presiding Over Obscenity Trial Has Sexually Explicit Website of His Own


This LA Times story comes from the so sad it’s funny file:

The Judge Alex Kozinski told the LA Times he didn’t realize the website was publicly accessible and thought he was the only one who could view it. He was also overheard saying “the Interweb is a series of tubes!”

An obscenity trial in Los Angeles federal court was suspended today after The Times reported that the judge presiding over the case has maintained his own publicly accessible website featuring sexually explicit photos and videos.

Early on the article mentions some fairly mild if not kinky photos on the site. But later on adds this:

The sexually explicit material on Kozinski’s site earlier this week was extensive, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex. There was a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual, and a folder that contained a series of photos of women’s crotches as seen through snug fitting clothing or underwear. There were also themes of defecation and urination, though they are not presented in a sexual context.

The Judge says he must have uploaded the photos by mistake. I don’t know this guy from adam but he is 59 years old so….

Read the whole article, there are lots of laugh lines like this one:

Defense attorney Roger Diamond made no objection to Kozinski continuing to hear the case


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Twitter / Pownce Killer…. Plurk?….


Someone sent me a direct message on Twitter recently asking if I had signed up for Plurk yet. I was curious so I did some quick research. Seems it is meant to be a better scalable version of Twitter with a few added features. 

So I signed up. You can follow us/me @BlogWorld. The guys at The Drill Down Podcast are big Plurk fans and think this could be a twitter killer and will almost certainly kill Pownce.

Well I never signed up for Pownce so I don’t know about that. As for Twitter, if Plurk doesn’t crash, slowdown, burp, etc maybe it will. However I like the visual presentation of Twitter better. That could be it’s just because I am used to it. Plurk also has a long way to go as far as adoption.

What a lot of early adopters and this certainly includes tech bloggers continually fail to realize is that most normal people don’t use services like Twitter, Pownce and Plurk. At least not yet.

Twitter is just starting to crack the mainstream blogging consciousness. Plurk is not even close to approaching that barrier.

Are you on Plurk?

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