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Jim Kukral to Lead Monetization Track


One of the lessons we learned last year from the first BlogWorld & New Media Expo was that coordinating over 100 seminars with 130+ speakers is too much for one man to do. Don’t get me wrong we were very proud of what we accomplished with the world’s largest blogging conference last year and the All Star line up of speakers. Dave Taylor did an awesome job and will be back this year but we wanted to get him some help.

So this year we will have “Track Leaders” for some of the critical content. The “Monetization” track would be at the top of that list. By far our most popular track last year it was important we found the right person to lead. Award winning blogger, affiliate marketer extraordinaire and international man of mystery Jim Kukral is that person.

jim Kukral Headshot

**Obligatory Bio info here**

For over 10-years, Jim has actively participated in the Internet marketing industry in multiple roles. Because of his wide range of work experience during those years, Jim is able to bring a well-rounded perspective to the industry. Jim has been blogging since 2001 and has established himself as a leading expert in the field. In 2006, Jim was awarded the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards “Best Blogger” award. He is also the former publisher of ReveNews.com, a group blog focused on the billion-dollar online monetization industry. Jim is a graduate of The University of Akron where he studied public relations and marketing. In the time since finishing his education Jim has started to own web firms and projects and has marketed and promoted thousands of websites, blogs and other online ideas. Nowadays Jim focuses on the business of online video and online publishing tools, as well as actively participating as a speaker and presenter at industry events. Jim is also the owner and operator of Scratchback.com, an online ad publishing system to help website and blog owners make money online.

**end obligatory bio info**

To summarize Jim has been walking the walk earning money via his blog and teaching other bloggers how to do the same for a long time. On top of that he is an all around good guy and eats his spinach. For those of you who don’t know Jim take a quick look at his introduction of last year’s closing keynote speaker at BlogWorld Mark Cuban. This was the first time the two had met in person after Jim had created the infamous “Mark Cuban Please Call Me” website about a year earlier.

Please join me in welcoming Jim to the team.

We are accepting speaker proposals for the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo here until May 31st.


  • Dave Taylor

    Darn. If Jim is the International Man of Mystery, then what are we going to call you, Rick? And who is going to play my “mini-me” at the conference anyway? 🙂

  • Jim Kukral

    I’m not playing mini anything Dave. My waistband does not qualify me for that role. Looking forward to the event, get those speaker proposals in! Time is running out.

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