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Gary Vee on The Big Idea with Donny Deutch


Gary Vee is just the latest new media guest on The Big Idea. Remember the episode with Robert Scoble, the blogger bus and BlogWorld Exhibitor Mogo Mouse?

Check out the segment with Gary Vee here.

Gary has his second appearance on Conan May 12 coming up and his book coming out May 13.

On another note Donny knows New Media is a Big Idea. Wouldn’t it be cool to get Donny to do a Big Idea show from BlogWorld?


  • Debby

    Gary is so passionate about what he does! He was on a panel about video in affiliate marketing at the Affiliate Summit in February and his enthusiasm was felt around the room. He is also the keynote at the Affiliate Summit in Boston later this year.

  • GeekMommy

    Now see, if I were keeping up on my blog reading, I wouldn’t have tried to tell you something you already know!

    Darn Twitter sucking all my time away!

    Seriously – I think it would be great to get Donny there. Someone also told me that she saw Oprah the other day using new media to have sort of a ‘conference call’ show… Might be another person who would get what the power of blogging can do! 🙂

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