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Encyclopedia Brittanica Now Free to Bloggers?


That’s what Techcrunch says.

Brian Solis had this to say:

Britannica has just shifted the game back into its favor with the release of a clever and powerful new program, Britannica WebShare.

and this:

In Britannica’s defense, the content is indisputable and much more reliable than many of the topics I’ve struggled with over at Wikipedia. This has everything to do with editorial infrastructure and generations of review and evolution versus a few years.


Agreed. Britannica is a reliable reference while Wikipedia’s material is too frequently, questionable. Admittedly I have held a grudge against Wikipidia ever since they instituted their "no follow" policy. That is deciding not to link back to sites that link to them. In effect using the blogosphere to help build their wiki and then dumping us.

See Techmeme for more reaction from the blogosphere.

I’m off to sign up for Webshare.


  • Todd Carpenter

    I applied last might, an have already been approved. It’s pretty cool actually. Though I don’t know how often I’ll need it for my blog

  • Rick

    just use it every time you normally would link to wikipedia. It’s a much more credible source.

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