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Blogosphere roundup 4.18.08



Luis Gray says most bloggers don’t deserve to make any money through advertising.

If you aren’t a techy you might not know what Alexandar Van Elsas is talking about. You see techys (and tech bloggers) have a unique problem of information overload. You may think you are inundated with media from the internet, radio, bilboards, and all sorts of advertising that hits you from every angle but If you aren’t using Twitter, Pownce, Facebook, myspace, Bebo, FriendFeed, Friendster, Jaiku, Kaioo, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Meetup, Upcoming, Plaxo, Magnolia, delicious, ning, flickr, youtube, and all the other social networks out there then you might not appreciate just how many ways you can end up talking to the same people and just how much worse your information overload could be.

Did Technorati try to by b5?

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