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Bloggers Working Themselves to Death


The New York Times has a story today that suggests bloggers work too hard and cites two recent personal tragedies as proof of their claim.

I don’t buy it. Bloggers are no more or less obsessive as a group than any other group of individuals. What I noticed about this story is that there have been quite a few articles about blogging in the print and/or online editions of the NYT.  We have their attention.

There is of course lots of reaction in the blogosphere.  My favorite is Marc Andreessen’s post mocking the NYT’s take and predicting future headlines from the NYT. 

Reworded for brevity:

Blogging Causes Death

Future New York Times headline submissions from yours truly:

Blogging Causes Herpes

Bloggers Shorter than Normal People

Want To Contract Malaria? Try Blogging

Bloggers Have Bad Breath

Leprosy and Blogging May Be Connected

Hitler Probably Blogged

Now Bloggers Aren’t Even Wearing Pajamas

Blogging Fad Almost Over

Howard Lindzon has a good take:

I read The New York Times business most days and if this is Sunday Time’s worthy, we are f@#ked. They are officially out of money or ideas. The article only proves one thing…that the New York Times has allowed itself to get caught up in the hype, not real journalism. There is no real link betweeen blogging and heart attacks. Maybe the Times just wants to get to the top of Techmeme .Interesting and sad times indeed for newspapers.


  • Deb Ng

    We covered this at NBT as well. I know a lot of bloggers are disagreeing with the Times article, but I can see how it can happen. I maintain over a dozen blogs for three different clients. This is more than a full time job. Fortunately I have a family and have to shut down at a certain point each day, but I do see how it can be stressful and competitive.

  • Rob Mark

    I am shocked at this response.

    If the NYT said it’s true … it MUST be true.

    I also heard that the most popular bloggers are just being creative in order to cope with other inadequacies, which is also silly because my Viagra works just fine.


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