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When Will Old Media Learn?


To listen to good advice from people like Scott Karp,

Why publish in reverse chronological order on the web? Because news is 24×7, breaking throughout the day. Which means that news consumers come to a news site more than once a day — checking the homepage is just a click away, and news consumers on the web click often.

When someone visits a news site on the web, what’s the first thing they want to know?

What’s NEW.

Organizing news by importance as the default makes sense when you’re only delivering the news once a day (and the “default” is all you get). But when news publishing is continuous, it’s not the best way to server frequent news consumers.

and Dave Winer?

I think every newspaper on the web should at least offer the reader a choice of a reverse-chronological view of the news. I think they would find most readers would use this view, most editors would too.

The sooner they do, they sooner they will be able to compete in this new media era.


  • Tomas

    Lets dream a bit. What it would be in case the first thing we would see in the newspaper was… a mirror?
    Yes, that looks like a fantasy, but the recognition of oneself in all we touch would mean the higher lever of our consciousness. What use we have from the news without the application of a theory to practice?
    What is the main goal of all new news? Are we striving to satisfy the demands of the consumers, or wish to see people the buddies?
    The mirror could help greatly.

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