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BlogHaus at SxSW


SxSW interactive officially opened registration yesterday morning and had some preliminary panels yesterday afternoon but today things really kicked off when the BlogHaus (sponsored by AMD, b5 media, and Podtech) opened. The blogeratti was out in force and social media gurus were elbow to elbow in the jam packed room. Robert Scoble, Chris Heuer, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Liz Straus, Jim Turner, Maggie Fox, Jeremy Wright, Hugh MacLoud, Wendy Piersal, Jason Falls, Darren Rowse, Kris Smith and far too many others to name.

What is a BlogHaus?

Just as blogging, podcasting, et-al is the future of media think of the Bloghaus and other iterations like it as the future of the old fashioned press room. Mogulus is live streaming interviews the lounge.

Stephanie Agresta AKA Internet Geek Girl and Valerie Cunningham from Podtech did a fantastic job organizing the lounge.

It is really great to see companies like AMD understanding the value of engaging the blogosphere and investing in the space so I thought it was appropriate to interview Scott Carroll the PR Manager from AMD who coordinated AMD’s involvement in the BlogHaus.


  • 45n5

    great footage from the bloghaus.

    It didn’t look like anyone was blogging in the room? Text bloging anyway.

    I wonder if you thought a quiet blogging room is better with a separate bloggers “meet and greet” room or if the free for all room is a better environment?

    Also, when can we register as an attendee at blogworldexpo/the site gets the new info up? (it still shows 2007 speakers/etc?)

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