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Zac Johnson at Affiliate Summit


This is really a test and my first attempt at embedding video on the blog. I did a quick interview with Zac at Affiliate Summit on my new Flip Camera. I did cut the video a little short. About an hour after this interview during his keynote Jason Calacanis showed a slide of Zac’s famous $300,000 check; along with a photo of Shoemoney and his $100k check. Jason stated this was chump change and that both could make far more money if they applied their genius to developing the next block buster dot-com.

If everything goes as planned, here is the interview:


  • Zac Johnson

    Hey Rick, it was awesome to meet up again at Affiliate Summit. I can’t wait until BlogWorld! Thanks for the quick interview!

  • Rick

    You’re welcome Zac. Good seeing you as well. Thanks for being my guinea pig 8).

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