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We just got out of our first session in which we were able to hear Chris Heuer and Marshal Kirkpatrick speak on the Social Media Landscape. It was definitely an interesting discussion group and the Q & A session after the talks was full of compelling conversations.

The main point Chris seemed to keep coming back to is that Social Media enables us to tear down the walls between eachother. It opens all of us up to one another and it allows us all to connect with the community around us and bond with it. In the end the Social Media Landscape is up to us and what we make of it.

Chris answered the question about “What is Social Media?” this way: “Its evergreen & persistent, it creates more opportunities to be found, puts a human face on your business, builds trust in the market and allows you to co-create with your customers.” Thinking back on this statement it is so true and we apply it every day to our Social Media usage whether we realize it or not.

Marshall was the story teller of the discussion. Whether it was a story about Mike Arrington or a story about a mother podcasting he was able to give us all some real life examples of the power of Social Media. That being said a few things that really stood out from Marshall’s part of the discussion are as follows.

  1. It’s not just upper class white dude creating this social media, it’s everyone
  2. Podcasting has genuine usefulness
  3. The role of gatekeepers and editors is changing, it’s becoming the roll of bloggers to be the editors and the pickers and choosers of what information is relevant.
  4. there’s no eraser, once it’s out there it’s out there
  5. people get freaked out about the fact that we now have the possibility to publish whatever we want.
  6. Open up data and reach out to the bloggers
  7. citizen journalism being integrated with main stream media is something we’re going to start seeing with more frequency as time goes on.

The session was a great kick off to Blog World Expo. Be sure to keep checking back here for more posts on what is going on here at BWE.


  • Eric Roth

    Thank you for this concise, yet invigorating, overview of how social media continues to change our daily lives. As someone who feels like a relative newbie to the entire media environment, I especially appreciated your bullet points. Many elites seem to be experiencing some shock that person to person communication might bypass their corporate control. Let’s hope so!

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