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Q: What do Stocks, Blogging and Vegas all have in common? A: InvestorVillage


**The following is a post from one of our sponsors and exhibitor InvestorVillage. **

That’s right. InvestorVillage—or “iV” as our members affectionately call us—is proud to sponsor the 2007 BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Arriving admittedly a bit late to the stock blogging party, we figured we had better get a jumpstart on the competition by being an early sponsor of this seminal event. After all, the blogging buzz is only getting louder, so we’d be crazy not to embrace the power and possibilities of this and other emerging social media.

For those of you in the market who may not have heard of us yet, InvestorVillage is virtual home to a robust community of self-directed investors who use message boards and private messaging to share information about stocks 24/7. Our current user base is made up of approximately 370,000 monthly visitors and is growing by word-of-mouth (and click-of-mouse) every day. We recently launched version 2.0 of our website and part of the focus of our redesign efforts was to accommodate stock bloggers. After all, many smart, market-savvy investors use our site for research and networking purposes—so why not offer them a contextually relevant environment in which to blog about their favorite stocks, sectors or the broader markets generally? The beauty of our platform is that our most active boards represent a ready-made audience for bloggers to tap into. And while the message board and blogging cultures can be quite different, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to bridge this cultural divide. For example, in addition to offering a traditional blog directory, we have organized our site so that each stock community has a mini-directory of blogs tagged to each specific stock. This makes it easy for investors to find relevant stock blogs organically. And with a niche space for stock blogging built right into our site, iV message board posters and lurkers will have the opportunity to read informative blogs they might otherwise have missed. At the same time, stock bloggers will quickly reach relevant audiences and gain exposure to potentially valuable sources of material on message boards not only buzzing with intelligent life and lively debate, but effectively managed, allowing for civilized communication and the efficient flow of information. Who knew? LOL.

As for the Expo itself, BlogWorld is shaping up to be a first-rate event and we are excited to be a part of the action. As a networking opportunity, the Expo offers us unprecedented access to the movers and shakers of the blogosphere. I have no doubt we will come away with a wealth of technological and marketing knowledge. This is particularly attractive to us since one of our strengths is that we are not “off-the-shelf.” We do all our development in-house, which allows us to evolve our blog platform and technology almost in “real-time” to accommodate the particular needs of stock bloggers.. Of course it won’t hurt to see firsthand the latest and greatest from the development side of the blogosphere. And finally, to put it in the simplest terms, being a BlogWorld sponsor in Vegas is a great way to get our name out there. Hope to see you on The Strip! Oh, and the next time you feel like blogging about your favorite stocks, remember to do it at InvestorVillage.

Best wishes,


Ralph “Blue” Kidd
Co-Founder, Chief Community Advocate
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