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Tris Hussey and Marshall Kirkpatrick just got done with their short session on Pro Blogging. It was all about the tools that every serious blogger ought to be using. A few of the great ideas and suggestions taken from this session are as follows:

  1. RSS is Essential
  2. Don’t be afraid to not be able to read everything you get in your RSS reader.
  3. Offline Blog editors are essential. Ecto, Windows Live Writer, ScribeFire
  4. Free Graphics editors! Gimp & paint.net
  5. Read, Write, Link, Comment!
  6. Blogging is still about passion and relationships; successful power bloggers keep feeding these.
  7. Keep post counts down so things don’t get lost in the wash
  8. use the post time function on your blog to keep your post stream constant
  9. let your readers catch up with your content
  10. Most importantly – Listen to your readers!


  • chipseo

    Great list, wish I could be there to hear it in person. I like #5, read, write, link, comment… that about sums it up. Hope everyone in Vegas is having a great time. Scott

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