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"Amping Up" your WordPress Blog!


Right before lunch Jeremy & I had the opportunity to sit on a session that was all about getting your WordPress blog ramped up via search engine optimaztion, performance techniques and other interesting topics. The two main topics were SEO and Performance tweaking within wordpress. That’s what I’ll be touching on here with this post.

Content & SEO is so important in today’s blogging age. That being said there are a few things that you can do with your blog that will assist you with these items. First, the Google site map plugin and the SEO title plugin are both easy to install and are two of the best ways to attain better search results on your blog. Also, another item of consequence as far as SEO is concerned would be using descriptive titles in your posts. Ask yourself “If I wanted to find this post, what would I search for?” Asking this simple question can make a big difference when it comes to other people finding your posts online.

As far as performance aspects are concerned there are quite a few items that one can do to make the end user experience that much better and easier. Here’s a list from the presentation:

  1. WP-Cache Plugin
  2. static files hosted on another domain and/or box
  3. all JS located after the end body tag

Overall this session was a great one and we all walked away with some serious new insights towards helping our end users and their experience on our blogs.


  • Eric Roth

    Thanks for the tips. I definitely need to set aside a few days to study the entire blogging world, and how to create a better, more connected blog.

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