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Enter BlogWorld’s Wiki Contest!…Who knew Wikis were this easy?


We’re learning more about Wikis, so my partner Dave worked with BlogWorld exhibitor MindTouch to come up with a fun way to get us on the road to becoming Wiki authors and editors…and if you haven’t noticed in the nav menu on the BlogWorld event site, our BlogWorld Wiki is live!

Dave had never edited a Wiki before, but while IM’ing with Aaron Fulkerson (MindTouch co-founder) as the Wiki site was being completed, he had a slight info change for the contest page and Aaron told him to edit it himself. During the next 4 sentences that Aaron IM’d, Dave had already registered, logged-in and edited the page. He called me and said “Rick, this was pretty amazing…Aaron was telling me how to edit the Wiki, but while he was typing, I’d already logged-in and edited it within a few seconds, just as if it were a Word doc…How easy is that?”

MindTouch will be demonstrating this user-friendly Deki Wiki open source mashup platform at BlogWorld, and awarding prizes for the best wiki pages in the contest…so take a minute to start your wiki page, see how easy it is, and you might win a cool prize from MindTouch!

MindTouch will be launching a new shared hosting service for the Deki Wiki platform at BlogWorld (two versions, a basic Free level and a Pro level), and all contest participants will receive a FREE 1-year Pro hosting package (value is $120/year), which gives subscribers 10GB of file storage space and additional site customization tools. This is a great way to easily get started with community collaboration and application mashups, by adding a Wiki site as an extension to your blog; visit the MindTouch booth on the Expo floor for details.

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