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Technorati Hompage Revamp, Refocus on Blogs


Thats right. Not many people were happy with the changes to Technorati’s made to it;s homepage a couple of months back. Well today It got a lot better. Here is an excerpt fromDorion Caroll’s post today on the Technorati Blog:

Well, today we are releasing a major overhaul of the Technorati Home page and a completely new area of the site that emphasizes blogs, Technorati Topics. With Topics, we help you discover what bloggers are writing about in Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Sports, Business, and Life.

There are thousands of communities in the blogosphere but those are definitely the largest, and most influential. (Each will be represented at the BlogWorld conference).

Personally I think this is a big improvement over the previous version of the homepage. Reaction from some of the tech bloggers has not been so good.

Stowe Boyd does make a good point:

Is the notion that someone would actually click through to the Technology Topic page and watch the posts go by? There is no search, no filter, no way to use Technorati tags to channel the torrent of posts. How could this be useful?

In fairness Caroll does say:

Today’s release is just a first step. There is a lot more we have up our sleeves, so stay tuned for what’s coming next and come back often.

I think this is a step in the right direction. Technorati has been a pioneer in this industry. Providing a valuable service and resource to tens of millions of bloggers for a very long time. Yes they screwed up with the WTF redesign, but they have earned a lot of good will with me. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and take them at their word that better things are in the pipeline.


Duncan Riley is rooting for Technorati as well.

On the other hand, as a long time Technorati user it’s good to see Technorati going back to its roots as a blogging search engine. There is still some work to do in terms of improving the indexing, but in terms of focus Technorati Topics is at least a step in the right direction.

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