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SmartLink Feeds Make Amazon Links Easy


Our fearless leader Rick pointed out this post to me today:

One of the great things about the new AdaptiveBlue SmartLink Feeds are that we do all the publishing and you can sit back and make money (via the Amazon Affiliate Program) by simply placing the feed on your blog. Every week we update and republish a set of SmartLink Feeds ranging from New York Times Best Selling Books, Netflix Top Rentals, iTunes Top Albums and Amazon Hot Gadgets. If you have a blog related to any of these topics, you can grab the feed, customize it, insert your affiliate id and then add the feed to your blog. Source: BlueBlog: Make Money With AdaptiveBlue Sm artLink Feeds

I read it.

Hmm, can’t be that easy.

I read it again.

Went through the AdaptiveBlue site.

Wow, it is that easy.

So here’s the deal.  You just “grab” the Amazon widget you want, enter a little information (size, colour scheme, Amazon associate ID), get the code and insert into your blog or site (they don’t say this clearly enough, but they belong on the side bars).

Yeah that’s it.

A couple (non-active) samples here.  The nice thing is that you  can choose these “SmartLink Feeds” to match your audience.  So for A View from the Isle I would probably pick gadgets and books.

While the post is a tad over the top with leveraging the traffic and such from your blog, they have an excellent point.  Most ad offerings don’t work out so well.  And we’re not going to get into the paid/sponsored post bit.

I’m certainly going to give these a shot on my blog.  Of course I have to balance my desire for a little extra green and my page loading quickly and not looking too crowded.

And that is actually the secret balance of it all.



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