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Is Blogging Dead?


Not according to Hugh MacLeod at Gaping Void. In two recent posts Why We’re All Blogging Less, and Blogging Isn’t Dead It’s Just a Subset of Something Much Larger and More Important.

They are both great posts worth a full read. I do think Hugh’s post’s are in some part a reflection of the two percenters of the tech community. While many techy’s are moving on to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and I’m sure 10 other things I haven’t heard of yet many non tech bloggers are just hitting their stride.

Guys like Dave Winer and Marc Canter were 10 years ahead of their time. Never heard of them?

Well if you aren’t a techy blogger chances are you haven’t but they are just two of the many brilliant folks responsible for the great blogging tools you write with, read and use every day. Don’t feel bad because thats my point. I hadn’t heard of them either before we launched this show.

Blogging may be old hat to guys like Dave, Marc, Hugh and Robert Scoble but to most of the world it is brand new and it is liberating.

Hugh also nails it by saying what we call blogging today will evolve. So Will podcasting and vlogging. This revolution has just begun.

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  • S. Soldanga

    “This revolution has just begun.”

    Uh, no. At this point, it’s nearly 30 years old, and it’s just about dead, having choked on its own (long) tail.

    Eh, don’t worry. Something else will come along soon….

  • C.E. Kammeraad

    Blogging will change, as circumstances–to be read as cultural, political, economic, religious climates–change. Ultimately, the frenzied world of the cute snippet, a subset of the sitcom society, that witty nuance that for all its cleverness is merely an empty speech, will be eclipsed by serious content. When I say serious content I mean the content that best explains the exponentially changing world, the content that points to where things are going. In a word, the bloggers who will soar out of this massive correction, will be dragged off by governmental authorities if found, and will point to the unavoidable like never before. Much is unavoidable. Most is now unavoidable. The political is moving to the far, far, right, and solely executive power; wealth is going into few hands first and then it vanishes in worldwide collapse; natrual disasters will herald unprecedented humanitarian crisis; and the like.

    The rest of the bloggers will be as utterly confounded as those who read and valued them. As advertising vanishes comparatively, we’ll see who emerges from the swirling land of everyone’s got a ‘pinion, and all of them are, as Mark Twain said it so well, korn-pone: you can always tell a man’s ‘pinions by where he gets his korn.

    See you in Las Vegas?

  • Anita Cohen-Williams

    Not only is blogging changing, but it is evolving and morphing into a new mold. Eurkester has put together a great vertical search engine with a tag/word cloud that you can now put on your blog. http://swicki.eurekster.com/
    This will allow our blogs to become stickier and let us inform people about any subject we hold dear. For an example, check out my archaeology blog, http://archaeology.blogspot.com

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