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Gnomedex Day 2


The day started off a bit slow with first time speakers and producers of GeekBrief.TV Cali Lewis and her husband Neal Campbell. It wasn’t just their first time speaking at Gnomdex but first time speaking in public and it showed. To their credit and in keeping with the message of their talk “just start”; they did a pretty good job for their first time in front of a room of a couple hundred people. I am sure just as their with their Vlog their next speaking gig will show improvement.

LexBlog has more on their talk here.

Michael Linton has caught my attention with his Open Money presentation. I will update after I figure out what he is exactly talking about, but whatever it is it’s interesting.

It’s nearing the end off his talk and I don’t get it. Maybe you can figure it out.

Tris Hussey has more here.

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  • Michael Linton

    The slides of the open money presentation are now up at http://lets.net – and we’re happy to help people with the “figure it out” process. That’s the bit we’re trying to figure out ourselves, after all!

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