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About half of the attendees are live blogging the event. The other half of us are fighting with our internet connections. Since I am unable to live blog effectively please take a look at several others who are liveblogging.

CrapMonkey didn’t appreciate Robert Steele’s presentation but loved Guy Kawasaki.

The theme was “open government,” presented by Robert Steele, but it was very heavy handed and spent a lot of time picking apart political and corporate leaders. Yes, they probably deserve it; No, that’s not what I paid to participate in at Gnomedex. The day got better after that. Guy Kawasaki discussed product/company evangelism and was entertaining and informative as usual.

Marcelo Calbucci isn’t impressed at all:

A lot of uninteresting talks. The comments and questions are even worse. Lots of useless, pointless and self-serving questions and comments.

Vanessa Fox asked some very interesting questions about privacy and blogging. Tris Hussey covers it here:

Vanessa Fox, who might be a poster child for this on Controlling Your Life 2.0…

The discussion, of course, is one that hits close to home, hence the slow updates on this post …

Being out there, lacking a “private life” per se … at least here at conferences. How do you handle the privacy of others in your life?

Where do you draw the line …

Is it generational, is it personal, is it something have to just accept?

In a very awkward moment during Jason Calacanis’ presentation on spam having already ruined email and starting to ruin search and blogging; Dave Winer yelled from the back of the room that Jason was spamming the conference with a sales pitch for Jason’s new company Mahalo. They exchange was brief but definitely uncomfortable. The topic was a great one, and Jason does a great job calling people to the carpet for unethical and invasive marketing tactics. In the end. That being said Winer made a good point.

And Technosailor just called Jason out again for failing to add WordPress to Mahalo. It wouldn’t be a Jason Calacanis talk without him calling Nick Denton a liar and a piece of garbage; and he just did after giving him credit for his comment system.

This talk is getting dangerously close to a brawl with Marc Canter (sp) again calling Jason out on his business model.

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