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Rashmi Sinha, Slideshare, Designing Massively Multiplayer Social Systems


Rashmi Sinha of Slideshare is talking about second generation social networks.  Her deck is on Slideshare, of course…now I’m saying this not just so you can follow along, but because the my power supply for my laptop just bought the farm.  Brian Oberkirch and I were sniffing the air wondering where the ozone burning smell was coming from…

Because I might be living on borrowed time here (laptop battery running out of power) … I’m sorry but I’m going to cut this post short, let the power supply cool (it is hot to the touch), and see if it still works.  If it doesn’t well I guess I’ll be finding a Best Buy or Staples soon….

Update:Whew.  I think I dodged the bullet.  Maybe the power supply sitting on the carpet didn’t let it cool itself well enough.  I’m back to charging and on AC power.

The fascinating part of this talk, since I cold focus on it almost entirely (as much as my ADD brain would allow, of course).  Her idea that people and popularity aren’t the best systems for determining what is good.  After lunch I’ll muse on this a bit more.  Lots to consider and cogitate on.

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