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Matt Cutts: no Google doesn’t hate you, just your code–SEO tips from Google


Matt Cutts is on the stage giving us all the inside info from Google and da man himself.

Simple stuff, basic stuff.  Don’t have your blog in a directory called wordpress…using blog is best.  Personally I like having it in the root, but I get it.

Flipping the title and the blog name…very key.  Write your post rich in keywords…not to a spammy degree, but something that reflects what people use to search.

Categories that make for good keywords too.  Totally whitehat, totally helpful to your users.

URLs and path, dashes best, underscores next..no spaces sucks.  The engines have to work harder to figure out what the keywords are.

Guess why Matt started on WP … Blogger didn’t use categories and a lot of the SEO tweaks are just default.

ALT tags … use them!  Enough said (he says guiltily).

Usability … crawable (WP users all okay), mobile browsers (WP-Mobile solves this), full-text RSS, ping well (WP … no problem and FeedBurner’s pingshot).

Matt is talking about moving your site…man I think I’ll just talk about this later… cause I just did it and the wounds are still fresh.


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