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Jeremy Zilar of the New York Times on the Gray Lady’s blogging efforts


Jeremy is the technologist behind the NYT blogs.  There are 100+ blogs right now there and growing.  Okay, a lot of spiffy stats on their bloggy prowess, but let’s get to the meat of the issue…

Jeremy’s first point is about teaching.  Sharing how you use this new tool and medium.  Opening the conversation.  We need to share how we teach people so we can help others.

I didn’t get a heck of a lot of live blogging in for this session.  Maybe I’m distracted or something, or maybe I was listening…

Listening actually.  So the NYT.  What’s special about Jeremy coming in at the last minute?  It’s showing that blogs and newspapers really fit together.  He finished his talk giving the example of a writer using Moby Dick as part of an analogy for George Bush (did he give the link?)…the post spawned an amazing number of comments.  A true intellectual interaction.  That is an exciting thing to see.  Take the news.  The blog it, then extend it and share it.  While the MSM might be reviled (okay there is no might about it) for its perceived snobbery at social media I think the NYT is doing something to change that.



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