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Dan Kuykendall, the author of podPress, is talking about podcasting. He has a skookum mic and external mAudio box for pulling the audio in. Me, I’ve almost always used the basic audio in and a basic mic. Dan spent about $200 on gear … if you have a line in/microphone port … $15 should get you a basic headset-microphone combo and Audacity (which is one of the app I use) is free…so you’re’ there.

Dan started podcasting … well because he liked to do it. The origin of podPress came from ipodcatter … the original WP plugin for podcasting.

[Side note…I need to steal some time with Dan to get some podPress tips…I just don’t get it sometimes]

One of the things I really like about podPress is its support for video now, which a friend of mine is using for his new blog FuneralGurus.

If you have a WP blog and want to use media…just use podPress. Regardless of my comment above, which relates only to tweaking it, it is so bloody easy to use. Upload content, point to media file and bingo bango you’re done. Gotta like it. In fact, most of the time when I’ve been using it, it’s so easy that I don’t think it actually worked.

Little interruption in the Net connection (to be expected), but Dan answered a few of my questions already!

BTW…Josh Hallett already has pictures up.

Dan’s most interesting part of his talk is the props he’s giving to the WP community. He’s right. While WP might be getting flack for not developing fast enough, Dan gives us insight that as he’s developed the plugin, the WP folks have added the features he needs into the core. He puts features into the plugin that he needs, but then those features get put into the core. Nice.

Category casting and premium feeds, these are two new parts to podPress that I haven’t tried, but I appreciate because I know I will in the future.

Why is podPress free? Well because Dan loves podcasting and he wants to keep his programming skills sharp (between trying to break into websites for a living–eek, scary).

Dan’s complaints about FeedBurner…interesting. I haven’t had a lot of trouble with it, but …who knows.

Aaron comments on the number of releases in a given time. Yeah! Seems like every time I visit my blogs (especially the one’s I manage)…

Breaking news: Matt has just told us that in WP 2.3 there will be a feature/function for a plugin to check WordPress.org for update and update automatically (if possible)…notify the user at the least.

Media files showing up in the feeds…playing inline…there is the enclosure property in RSS2, but the support in aggregators is slow (FeedDemon has it).

Podcast hosting…this is a big one. Solutions? Lots out there, but I’ll save that for a later post. Up next … John Dvorak and Om Malik!

Update: More on Stephanie Booth’s blog…good pictures too!

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