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Peet's Coffee and Power Plugs…things you need at a conference


Back from getting coffee.  Bumped into Lloyd Budd and his wife.  Yeah, Lloyd and I live two blocks from each other in Victoria but we meet in San Fran…go figure.

Peet’s coffee.  Chris Pirillo raves about it and now I know why.  Might have to bring some back with me.  Dark and strong.  Blogger fuel, that’s what I call it.

Power plugs are always a premium commodity at a conference.  I stake them out early when I sit down for a talk.  Pays to get here early.  I sat right by the plug.  Now, I also have a surge suppressor (travel sized) for my laptop and my conference friend maker…a three-plug power strip I got from Ikea.  I think I’m now the keeper of the plug (plugging it back in when someone kicks it watching for smoke…no I’m not kidding…lot’s of folks plugged into this wee little outlet).

The first session of the day is on podcasting and what is podcasting on WordPress without podPress!


  • Lloyd Budd

    It was great to see you. We do have to have that blogger meet up in Victoria sometime soon … maybe September when everyone is back from their summer fun?

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