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Jeremy Wright on making money from your blog


As a note of disclosure, not only have I known Jeremy for years, I am a b5media blogger so Jeremy is my boss, of sorts.  Jeremy also gave me my start in pro-blogging (I was the first employee at Inside Blogging, oh years ago).

So we’re able to make money from blogging.  This is true.  It is also true it is work. Real work.  Hard work at that.

Jeremy got three people from the audience to be on an impromptu panel.  The pro-blogger is from the LOL cats site (gotta find that link…), the semi pro writes on SEC fillings, the third is a fellow Canadian who is starting a blog about cottaging …

The first question was picking a topic for ads.  The thing is that if you pick a topic solely to make money…your blog will suck.  Period.  End of story.

Is there an evil (bad) ad system.  Adsense is generally reviled, why?  Because the ads aren’t well targeted and the payouts are less than stellar.  Gotta say Adbrite was pretty bad too.

Control.  Control can be hard with Adsense, but easier with selling your ads yourself.

Blogging and advertising can, and should, support other activities (consulting, speaking, selling something you make).

Having been a pro-blogger for a while so while I’m not learning anything new, it is good to know that everyone who pro blogs has the same challenges.

Oh yes, I’ve noticed that the this blog’s homepage is busted.  No I don’t know why…yet.  But I’ll get to it in a few.  Come on, I’m tryin’ to live blog here!

The power here, in this new paradigm, is that bloggers are starting to hold a lot of cards.

Gotta have to get Jeremy’s tips offline instead of trying to type like a banshee.

Jeremy did this session right.  Instead of trying to fill the hour himself, he got us to contribute and made a panel of volunteers.  I like it and would like to see more of it.  I was primed to get on stage if needed, but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s great to get new voices out there.

Of course…the best thing about being here is meeting new people and finding more feeds to read.  Yeah, I live on the RSS drug and I like it.

Oh I love this tip…make one thing on your blog 1% better each week…and your blog will just grow and so will you.

Jeremy, great session man!  And I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause your da boss!

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  • Jeremy Wright

    Thanks Tris, I had a lot of fun, glad it worked! Matt (M) was a bit nervous about the format, but it looks like he was really happy with it 😀

  • Tris Hussey

    You’re welcome man. Always fun to listen to you…good thing your wife isn’t here. 😉

  • Jim Kukral

    What’s with the throne you’re sitting on? lol

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