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How to contribute to WordPress


Getting Involved with WordPress Lloyd Budd and Mark Jaquith … on being a part of this phenomenon…

Lloyd, who squashes the bugs (or tracks them), and Mark who has contributes to the code (like post preview…thank Mark…who also works at b5!).

Lloyd made an impassioned speech that we all contribute to WordPress by using, blogging, and talking about it.  I would agree.  I can’t code,  but I can use, help extend, comment, and become a person who is passionate about WP.  Works for me.

Mark, who is met in person for the first time last night, gave a funny presentation about how to help.

I’ve been listening more than writing, clearly, and what strikes me is that WordPress is ours, let’s all help to make it better.

Help with the codex (I think I’m going to do this)…sounds like this is something that those of us who can’t program (there are legions of us) can make a big difference.  Figured out how to fix something?  Make sure it’s in the codex.

Sounds like WP 2.3 is going to be a really sweet upgrade.  Okay, I’m getting a little geeky here, but come on I support a ton of WP blogs and anything that makes WP better and easier to use makes me smile.

Up next is something that is going to take a lot of my focus…design.  Yes. I know this blog is still busted.  Hush, I’m still workin’ here.



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