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Right after WordCamp is Gnomedex which means lots of awesome blogging to come


At the end of the week I’m heading down to San Fran to WordCamp and will, of course, be live blogging it here on BlogWorldExpo. Then there’ is one of my favourite conferences, Gnomedex. Blog Business Summit is my favourite, I think, because it’s where I had my breakout as a blogger, but Gnomedex is a close second. I’m not the only one who thinks this either…

But, here?s why I love Gnomedex:

1) Every attendee uses a laptop computer during the event. It still is one of the few events where I?ve seen that happen.
2) No press passes.
3) I haven?t been asked to speak since 2001. Heh. Not quite true, cause I was on a Gillmor Gang panel last year, but I don?t count that as speaking.
4) It?s geeky, but not developer geeky. User geeky.
5) It?s not over your head or over your pay grade like TED or PopTech.
6) It?s in Seattle in one of their two sunny months.
7) Ponzi. Ponzi. Ponzi. Source: Why I love Gnomedex? ? Scobleizer

Now if Chris would ask me to speak…well Gnomedex might just vault to #1. ;).

In any case, it’s going to be a fun few weeks. Might wear out this poor laptop, not to mention my Passports. I did, finally, invest in a decent backpack-style laptop bag so carrying my laptop around doesn’t become an exercise in pain after about 15 minutes.

And, yes, if you’re wondering, I really do like live blogging. It’s a thrill for me. I love trying to break the news first or at least catch the witty phrase someone used. More on WordCamp later, maybe my list of people I want to meet up with. What am I saying…I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

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