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Exciting week-Yahoo shakeup, iPhone count down, Enterprise 2.0, RSS and Facebook


Gee anything happen this week?  Wow.  Rick and the team are getting ready for the conference and I got a sneak peak at the sessions.  Something for everyone for sure.  For my money I’d hang in the tracks that show you how to take these cool technologies and use them in what is now being called “Enterprise 2.0”.  Take Michael’s notes from a recent talk on RSS in the Enterprise:

The Problem
– Huge proliferation of information, both on the Internet and Intranet.
– Email is insufficient, static portals are broken (you have to go there to see what’s new).
– Information workers spend a lot of time searching for information … up to 8-10 hours a week.

The Solution
– Syndication in the enterprise. How do you go about it?
– Step 1 … access and monitor all information sources. Eg, internal data sources (email, content management, enterprise portals, databases), and external content (RSS, Yahoo, Google, NYT)
– … databases … monitor record changes
– … portals … monitor revisions
– … applications … monitor relevant changes, eg, order status updates
– … intranets/extranets … monitor changes
– … email … calendar events
– Step 2 … relevancy of the information to the individual
– Step 3 … push information to users … so they don’t have to go to a system to get it, but that information may pull them in
– Step 4 … capture user behavior, as a way of monitoring what someone is doing and interested in

In the KnowNow architecture, there is an aggregation server in the middle for enterprise syndication.

Minimum requirements for RSS in the enterprise:
– monitor all sources inside and outside the enterprise
– match content to users based on relevancy
– leverage the network effect
– deliver information to users as available
– provide enterprise security and management
– enable end-user personalization and control Source: Michael’s Thoughts: Notes on “RSS: Bridging the Gap Between the People and Information that Drive Business”

And Ross’ from How to Build an Enterprise 2.0 Platform Employees Will Use.  Both of these highlight something that will be 2008’s hot topic.  Blogs, RSS, Facebook, great but what’s the business value?  Brad Feld (happy anniversary Brad!) is working on the Facebook issue, among others of course.

A big part of Blog World Expo is going to be looking at these technologies and, frankly, putting all the speakers in one place, with vendors and others; I’m betting at least one new company will come out of Blog World Expo and probably some awesome product refinements.

This post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Yahoo.  There is lots of chatter about what will happen next.  Yahoo and eBay?  On GigaOM there is even a top five list with odds.  My bet?  Merger.  Yahoo is going to merge with someone.  My bet is still Microsoft.  Given my batting average on these things is like .300 … don’t bet I’m right.

Finally, for all you iPhone fans, if you buy one and don’t like it, be ready to pay out about $175 to free yourself from AT&T.

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