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Sick of the iPhone yet? Join the club


One look at Techmeme today and you can see that, well, the @#&*!&(#%_+$#@$ iPhone is swamping the news.  Me, I’m sick of it.  No idea when it’s going to be available outside the U.S., much less if supply will even approach demand later this month.  I love, however, this dig at Apple on CrunchGear:

Apple, could you please be straightforward from now on. The lies and run around are wearing thin, not to mention being obnoxious. There?s enough hype around your WunderFON to last a lifetime. We just ask that at&t doesn?t strip it of the most coveted features and that there will be enough units at launch. K THX

In the continuing to slam Apple department (maybe I’m just jealous of people who can afford MacBooks), C|Net has a little article quoting John Lilly of Mozilla about Safari’s hype.  See, that’s another one I don’t get.  Release a browser for Windows that most users probably don’t want, oh and have it so riddled with security holes that you have to release three patches in the first week.  So typical Apple.  Man if this is what their web browser is like, I don’t have much confidence in their freakin’ phone!

Of a far more interesting note, WebProNews looks at the new Google Public Policy Blog.  You might think that public policy is a big yawn, and often you might be right, but sometimes there are hugely important issues at stake that people need to think about.  My pet one is Net Neutrality.  Google’s post on this is very good and this quote from Craig Newmark sums it all up rather nicely:

Without nondiscrimination safeguards that preserve an environment of network neutrality, the Internet could be shaped in ways that only serve the interests of broadband carriers, rather than U.S. consumers and Web entrepreneurs. As Craig Newmark of Craig’s List puts it, ?Imagine if you tried to order a pizza and the phone company said AT&T’s preferred pizza vendor is Domino’s. Press one to connect to Domino’s now. If you would still like to order from your neighborhood pizzeria, please hold for three minutes while Domino’s guaranteed orders are placed.?

Related to this whole discussion is Fox’s announcement that they are going with Brightcove for streaming videos and this BBC article talking about our need for speed–or our desire for flawlessly streaming videos–is bumping into both how much bandwidth is available in the last mile (that is your house) and the routers that keep it all straight.  What is interesting is if you look at what pressure the networks are under you can see why the likes of AT&T and other ISPs are clamoring against net neutrality.  They see the crunch coming and what some cash to help upgrade their stuff.  Hmm, maybe cut back on say the executive perks and such first before you still hitting us up for cash?  Sorry the “oh we’re so hurting” argument falls on deaf ears when you’re making money hand over fist from us already.

I hope there is something interesting between now and Wednesday, because I can only slam Apple so many times before even I get sick of it!

Update: Mark Evans is on the same page with me on the iPhone nonsense.


  • crestronfanatic

    My advice: go down to your local Apple store, plunk down $500 of your hard earned money on the counter, and pick yourself up one of the most over-hyped, under-tested products in history. Oh, and don’t forget to get down on your knees, scream/cry like a little girl at a Beatles concert, and thank Steve Jobs for completing your life. Don’t worry about little issues in this world like world peace and global warming. The rest of us will take care of those for you. hype + $500 + 1,000,000 zealots = http://www.huckstr.com/spoofs/apple-money-machine.html

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