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Xing and Zoominfo Work Together on Biz Info–might not be a great thing


 Remember how I mentioned a Xing-Plaxo rumour last week?  This isn’t a rumour:

Zoominfo is a business information search engine that allows users to find news, updates, and business details about industries, companies, and people, with over 4.5 million unique visitors monthly. Xing, meanwhile, is a professional networking site that allows its members to meet people in the same industries, opportunities and other privileges through it?s network directory and advanced contact management platform. Source: Xing and Zoominfo bring together networking and information search to online business industry | 901am

There is a hitch.  The folks at LinkedIn (who would be a major competitor) say that Zoominfo scrapes info without people’s permission.  Okay … like any of us who are active online aren’t already used to that.

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