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Maybe not the biggest news: Skype 3.5 beta released


You might not think this is big news, but you know whenever Skype releases a new beta, the whole application-based VoIP area gets a boost.  I live on Skype.  I have it open all the time and would gladly dump all my other IM clients for it.  I can’t, of course, but I like Skype that much.  Today Skype 3.5 Beta (Windows) is out (I have it downloaded but not installed) and here are some of the new features of note:

  • feature: Auto redial
  • feature: Call Transfer
  • feature: Device Indicators
  • feature: Edit chat messages
  • feature: Message history loading granulated
  • feature: Private Telephone Numbers
  • feature: Send contacts inside chat
  • feature: Visual indicators for Audio In / Audio Out in options
  • feature: Show examples of notifications / alerts in options

Now if memory serves registrations for the Blog World Expo will be open, or are open, soon.  I’m on the speaking docket for the Bloggers For Hire panel.  Maybe I can convince Rick or Dave to make a blogs for competitive intelligence panel.

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