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Going on a Safari for Leopards


The discussion of the week is still all about Apple.  Rather, Safari on Windows.  GigOm wonders why, I Cringely has the answers.  I tried to install it, but something ain’t working here in Vista land and I keep getting errors.  Frankly after three tries (two tries too many, IMHO), I’ve given up.  Not that important to me.

The theory is, btw, that Safari for Windows is all about AT&T.  Wooing AT&T into signing on for more Apple products (read Apple TV).

I had a discussion recently about people getting Macs.  You know as cool and sexy as the machines (and granted the OS itself) are, the price is still too high for me.  Not to mention the application issue.

And while Linux (Ubuntu specifically) might be inching (at a glacial pace) into the mainstream, this is still Microsoft’s game to lose.

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