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What happened while I was away: Apple’s yawn



“Hmm”, you might have wondered, “no posts on Monday or Wednesday, what’s up here?”  Well I was camping with a class trip to Horne Lake out here in B.C.  If you happen to ever be in the area, I do suggest a visit.  The caves really are amazing.

Regardless while I was gone, about the time we were pulling into the campsite, Steve Jobs was giving the keynote at the WWDC.  I started to go through my feeds and it seems that the announcements were a bit of a yawn.

Safari for Windows is an interesting, and rather stupid IMHO, development.  Yes the browser wars are on, but do we need a fourth fifth combatant?  I think it’s a fool’s errand and not worth Apple’s dev time.  I’ll try it, of course, and it might be faster, but the key to today’s browsers are the plugins.  If Safari isn’t going to support plugins, which is what I read, then they might as well pack it in.

Heck Opera and Maxthon both support them, it’s just rather hard to get things to work with them sometimes.  Hence why I’ve had to bite the bullet and switch back to Firefox.  Frankly I’m not loving it, but well…

Beyond the Safari announcement I read that iPhone will have a dev platform, but Apple will keep the coolest stuff to itself (surprise, surprise) and there will be no support Flash or Java.

Leopard is coming, it sounds cool … but will people switch?  Yeah I think not.  Sorry Apple.

I think I have about a billion unread feeds, so today while riding the B.C. Ferries I’ll start catching up.  Later today I’ll give you my thoughts about the rest of the week’s news.

BTW … Apple has already released Safari for Windows 3.0.1 to fix a number of security bugs.

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