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Are you a Citizen, a Journalist or Both?


Martin Bosworth decided to take up the question after the Senate Press Gallery recently refused to renew the creditials for one of his colleages at Consumeraffairs.com.  The reporter in question Joseph Enoch was recognized and given an award last year for his quality reportage.

Bosworth quotes several bloggers and others sources in the piece and somehow I snuck in to his list of “experts”.

Rick Calvert, who founded the BlogWorld Expo to showcase new developments in the blog world, thinks that anyone who regularly explores “the who, what, where why, and when [is] practicing journalism.”

“Anyone can be holding a video camera when Rodney King just happens to get beaten up by the police right in front of you,” Calvert said. “That is a one time incident and something any citizen can do. If you actively search out, investigate, research and report the news, be it general interest or some specific beat, on an ongoing basis then in my book you are in fact a journalist.”

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