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Check out Rachel Sklar’s latest at Huffington Post.

Long story short. Old media completely misquotes Rachel regarding new media putting old media out of business. While new media bloggers quote her accurately.

And here is Rachel explaining new or old media means nothing. Getting the story accurate is what counts:

A journalist friend of mine remarked to me that he found it odd that I’d request a correction, since that was such an old-school thing to do, and since this was online. But why not? Kapica wrote something, lazily and incorrectly, and put it out there under the trusted Globe & Mail brand. Why shouldn’t that be corrected? This, to me, underscores a truth which people on both sides of the spectrum incredibly still fail to grasp: Platform is just platform, medium is just medium. Whether you blog it or print it or etch it in stone, if you’re putting it out there then it better be right. And if it’s wrong, then you’d better correct it, and eat a little crow while you’re at it.


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