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Army ban on Milblogs follow up


First off thank you to my buddy and Milblogger Sgt. Tim Boggs. Be sure to stop by his site and thank him for his service. Tim has done two tours in Iraq and has several must read posts including What Makes Tim Tick (that is actually his dad’s post), and parts 1 and 2 of his interview with an Iraqi General.

Tim is just one of hundreds of fantastic milbloggers who write about their real life experiences while deployed and after returning home. The Pentagon’s decision to silence people like Tim has to be one of the worst in this war.

I understand the need to keep the Army’s operational details secret, but I also understand how the media covers this war is just as important as what happens on the ground. Milbloggers have been the single best counter narrative to that of our enemies who understand and manipulate the media far better than our military leaders do, can or are allowed to do.

Real first hand accounts from Milbloggers who post the good the bad and the uglyness of war have a powerful ring of truth that cuts through our enemies spin far better than any counter propaganda we could ever produce.

These Milbloggers inspire millions of us civilians here at home and connect us to the hundreds of thousands of heroes serving in harms way.

The Irony of the timing is right out of a bad Hollywood screenplay. The Milblogger conference (I will be there) is set to begin this Friday evening hosting several hundred of the best milbloggers around. They all just got something to blog about.

For more reaction from top milbloggers check out BlackFive, Noah Shachtman has a great round up at Wired.

/HT to Hugh Hewitt for the earlier link.

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