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Never. However controversial blog boss Jason Calacanis has provided step by step instructions on how to get a link from the Brooklyn born blogging icon. So I feel obliged to follow them. Calacanis who always has his trusty bulldog Toro by his side, is the former Editor of Silicon Alley Reporter, former GM of Netscape, and was once profiled in the New Yorker.

I heard Jason give a keynote at last year’s Blog Business Summit where his Nick Denton impression was easily the funniest moment of the event. While he often comes off as brash in his blog posts, he is actually very fun and engaging to hang out with. I know from personal experience as he sat next to me during lunch during at the BBS one day. (that is actually true.)

Love him or hate him Jason always speaks his mind and often makes some very good points like in his “The Dumbest Argument in the Blogosphere: A List vs. Blue Collar” post:

If you want to be part of the A List you can do it in < 90 days:

1. Blog intelligently. Think about your post for a day before you hit publish. Do research–do primary research in the real work. Write something with insight, and include links to other folks ideas.

2. Go to 2-3 events or conferences a week.

3. Get a great domain name that is easy to remember and spell (i.e. buzzmachine.com).

4. Go to TechMeme and write an insightful piece daily about one of the top stories.

5. Start emailing other bloggers with feedback on their stories. (don’t beg for links)

6. Be smart.

7. Don’t be an idiot.

That’s it… you’re now A-List.

The man is right.

(Sorry Jason I could not find an archive list on your blog and got tired of scrolling back for older posts). …. Wait here are Jason’s predictions for 2006. I agree with all of the ones that came true. =p.

Wanna know more about Jason Calacanis, Then check out his Linked in Profile, or Twitter page,

Yes this has been a shameless effort to solicit a link from Jason Calacanis.

My only failure has been to be 4 days late but it’s nothing personal. I have just been trying to keep up with all of the interest in BlogWorld and haven’t had time to blog about anything let alone link baiting.


  • Coral


    You are shameless with your crawling to Jason for a link, but I applaud you for maintaining an archive. I was under the impression that the software in certain blogging platforms doesn’t for allow this option, but now I think bloggers just haven’t bothered to activate the archive tab.


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