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Social Networking Puts People to Work


Looking for a job? Then read this post by Nadine Turner. Sure you can read the classifieds, check Monster.com and all the other usual suspects, but if you really want to give yourself every opportunity to land the job you really want you would be wise to follow her example and put some effort into building your LinkedIn network, and check out Emurse.com.

Here is a brief excerpt from Nadine’s post:

In my experience, yeah networking works but not in the way I originally thought. It seems to work more unexpectedly. I don’t pretend to know the secrets of success, but what I found is that if you trust a few people, more end up putting trust in you. And if you help a few people, some will help you. And if you blatantly offer help to those that need it, NONE will accept it. Crazy isn’t it?

/Congrats on the new gig Nadine.


  • Nadine Turner

    Thanks for the nod Rick! It may sound trite, but I have to give credit to the many others that helped turn me from a job seeker with zero web presence, into someone not only with a great job, but someone with web presence and a pipeline for future opportunities. It’s very cool to be able to say that from experience. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share!

    -Nadine Turner

  • Joy Kennelly

    Speaking of social networking Rick, what’s the social networking sites you use to promote Blog World again? I’d love to join! Thanks.

    Hope you’re well.

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