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Wednesday Keynote part 1: John Battelle and Jeff Weiner


What is the network division at Yahoo all about … they pretty much connect everything.

So … John asks … what about it appearance that Google is running circles around Yahoo.  Jeff says that Panama is doing well … okay … expected.

So Jeff is spinning that Yahoo isn’t passe, Google isn’t lapping them … fine.  Great Yahoo Pipes was cool for a bit (I haven’t played with it for months).  But I really only use Flickr and MyBlogLog (sorta) and sometimes del.icio.us.  Yahoo Messenger?  Not anymore.  My Yahoo e-mail?  Long abandoned.

Really as much as I like the Yahoo guys who I’ve met and I know, I think Google is lapping them for the eyeballs and attention of the web.

So is it just our perception that Yahoo is behind the curve, because Jeff claims that Yahoo properties are number one in many verticals, or is Jeff just spinning us?

Look this hasn’t been an interesting discussion at all.  No real meat, lots of defensive postures.  No new announcements.  Heck the keynote room is maybe a half to a third full.  So are people losing interest or is it just too freakin’ early to think?

Okay decent question … is there pressure to purchase something (big) … Jeff, no, just doing things right.  Sorry, bad answer.  There is pressure in my mind for Yahoo to do something big and cool soon. 

Okay, why is Jeff spending so much time spouting stats on Yahoo properties to prove their cool?

John … Microsoft…what’s your take on them?  Are you going to merge? LOL!  Okay … when Tweets are more interesting than that answer … that’s not a good sign.

Maybe on the third day of a conference I’m just too tired and cranky … or maybe I’ve gotten jaded.

Still looking forward to Ross Mayfield coming up.

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