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Web 2.0 in the Enterprise


Dan Faber is leading the panel, and playing the role of CTO/CIO of a large company.  So he put on Ross to give the elevator pitch on why would he want to or leave … Ross of Socialtext replied if you don’t get it, you’re going to gone.

Matt of Google Enterprise Apps … second biggest money maker in Google (second to ads … now there is some secret sauce).  Makes the point that it’s probably already there and you just have to deal with.

Satish …Zimbra (sorry don’t know that product …) end users want to be just as productive with as web app as a desktop.  Make it easy and reduce cost for IT (less support … updates).

Cost and time savings is a common theme in the discussion.  Flexibility and power and ease of use.  Desktop to the Webtop.  People being able to work together in the way that works for them. It might all be different, but it all has to work.

Ross: “Doing your homework on MySpace is called cheating, at work it’s called collaboration” … Perfect.  At school we have to learn independently, then at work we have to learn how to learn and work together.  Maybe if homework was collaborative …

“If you take away the watercooler, you’ll only make people more thirsty.”  –Ross in reference to people surfing on MySpace during work.

GoogleApps before it could be rolled out to the world, all of Google had to use it.  Well, good.  Personally I like Gmail for domains, which rocks.  For other stuff… well I’ll keep trying.

For the the Microsoft shop … well?  Ross is making the point that you have to recognize that you can’t do it overnight.  I’ll have to get more info on the new suite that Ross is talking about that they did with Intel.

Dan asks Matthew … yeah GoogleApps doesn’t compete with MS Office … Matthew still uses MS Office apps … it’s a task by task basis.  Complementary not competitive.  Really to make it better, GoogleApps needs an MS Office syncing mechanism like Zoho does.

And what about offline … Satish thinks all the web apps will absolutely have to have an offline component within this year.  Yes!

Maybe my goal for next week is to try more of these apps.  Gotta stay ahead of the curve man!


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