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Last session … all media, all the time …


First, I have to tell you, I’m wiped out.  This has been a darn long week and my brain is full.  Thomas Hawk, Scoble, Chris Pirillo, and Jeremiah Owyang are on stage getting ready to tell us about the world of video blogging, lifecasting, podcasting, twittercasting, coffeecasting … okay I made those last two up.  You get the idea.

I’ve been Jeremiah’s show a couple times now.  This morning I felt like I was on a mini panel session, and that was really cool.  That is certainly a benefit to the conference!

Chris just Twittered that this is all coming live on http://live.pirillo.com/ …

Okay is history being made or is this hype?

Robert is covering the basics … blogs, search etc…

Thomas, who really is an amazing photographer, is talking about zooomr and controlling the images associated with your company.  Wow, yeah.  Never really thought about that!

Is online identity and openness and social media changing .. politics?  Scoble was talking about his experience with John Edwards on the plane … yes.  Covering all the bases.

Chris is talking about the recent experience of the earthquake in Mexico … bit of luck that I think made a bit of Web 2.0  history.

Scoble has 3000 followers!  Jeez … I don’t know if I could handle that … Chris says that they are all sneezers … if Robert says something (sneeze) then it spreads rapidly across the Net.  Now, this can be good, but it also could be bad.

Ah, Thomas has made the point that there are so many channels now. We have started developing large social communities …

Are we visionaries or just able to see the vision?

Ah the killer question from the floor: “And how does it help my business?”  Ooh Scoble and Chris bantering back and forth … just a wee heated.

Twitter to help your business … it would take time but if you can get one of the people like Scoble or Chris or other major twitterers to follow you … you can get news out fast.  You can start your community, start your viral campaign … it’s new, it’s unproven, but I think some smarts and creativity will find a way.

Now, while I was twittering, they moved to search.  Well … oops.  First question from the chatroom … How does ustream.tv change things … revolutionary or complimentary?  The ability to be live take things to a new level and building a new community.

Is Chris blowing this all out of proportion?  Is it all that?  Yes … because ustream is free, it is making the world of broadcasting on it’s head.  This expanding the audience, getting better questions, better info, faster easier.

Chris caught on Twittervison that his video wasn’t working … and fixed it!  Wow.

Okay they have 10 mins left … I bet they go over, but I’ll have to leave … sorry I have to get to the airport!

So … the take away from this whole panel is … the conversation from blogs, forums, etc.  It’s being connected to find ways to improve and fix your product … and maybe find your best evangelists.


  • Jeremiah Owyang

    You missed my final question to the audience:


    “You all preach a lot of glory about social media, but will this make you rich?”

    Answer: no, no, and maybe

    You’ll have to find an archive to hear the answers and discussion

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