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Is PR still relevant? Dead or mortally wounded?


PR 2.0?  Huh?  The evolution of PR practices to the Web 2.0 world … is it real?  Are they kidding?

So what is this new PR … Jeremy made the point that PR hasn’t changed pre se, but it’s how it’s done.  All the panelists are talking about engaging people, being a part of the conversation and listening.

PR 2.0 dead?  I didn’t even know it was alive in the first place.  Jeremy is bang on I think … yeah PR has to adapt to new consumer patterns and technologies, but really you’re just trying to tell your story.  It’s just learning to do it better.  I think at its core, PR has always been around.  People always want their stories to be heard and past on.  So how to do keep the story and the transmission medium in step.  You adapt.

Hmm, must less control and much more to manage.  Very true.  I think the whole pace and scale of information is a challenge for any one to keep on top of things.

Blogs aren’t completely mainstream so traditional media still matters.  Which is true, this is a pragmatic realism.  There are tons of people who really only do e-mail and maybe look at a few sites online.  So to say that only blogs matter is as foolish as saying only traditional media matters.

Bad content (release or post) … still doesn’t get coverage now any more like it did in the past.

Is a post on Scobleizer better than a Mossberg article in the WSJ?  Maybe for some companies, but you can’t discount the established people who can connect you to others.  It’s the audience and channel that is the guiding factor.

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s right (not all clients need Twitter or should be on MySpace).

Yes, press release isn’t dead, it’s just changing.  To reach bloggers, to send or not to send?  I like them sometimes for the quotes and background, I guess you ask first.  I just hate having PR people contact me out of the blue and expect me to write about their client, when I don’t know them or the client.  Look, I listen to my friends.  They get an automatic shot.  Haven’t heard of you before?  Well, trying to get me to blog about your launch on launch day, not good timing.  Take a little time to learn about me, what my interests are, etc.  While I might not be considered a journalist by some (I think of myself as a nouveau journalist), you do need the same kind of relationship you have with your traditional media folks.

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