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Eric Marcoullier of MyBlogLog … why can’t you take your friends with you around the net? Build communities around your site without even needing to go to MyBlogLog (hmm, would Yahoo like that?).

Kiva … allowing micropayments and microfinancing for the Third World. It’s not a donation, it’s a loan that you get back (return? Or does that even matter?)

Question to Kiva… how do you maintain enthusiasm? It’s about keeping people engaged and having fun. Also noted they’d like to be able to have interest rates float too. A bidding war to help others, now that’s a concept that I can get behind!

Mimint … free online Quicken. That isn’t about people getitng enaged and having fun and coming all the time; it’s your money!

MyBlogLog stats … not all the time because stats get old. Well, I like my signal and noise … I guess that I can just filter out the noise instinctually.

Web 1.0 is prison … yeah get you there and keep you there. Web 2.0 is … well that’s still being defined isn’t it?

Search is still working on the semantic web …Eric’s example when you search for “bush” are you looking for plants, a president, or porn … good point! Now we handle that via expanding the term with other related terms, but should we have to? Is there a better way? Well of course not yet. But…

Past fifteen years … investing in the networks, next 15 P2P … yes. I think that P2P has huge potential for the future, and no one really doesn’t know what it’s going to look like yet.

And that’s all she wrote …

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