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LeapTag an undiscovered gem?


Thanks to Renee for connecting me with the folks at LeapTag.  Frankly, I was a skeptic.  Come on do we really need another tagging thingy?  Well I was completely wrong.  It isn’t about “tagging” as we think of it, or even like StumbleUpon or del.icio.us … it’s about information and it’s extremely cool.

I got a personal demo and explanation of this new IE add-on … and I think that’s what made the difference.  It might be one of those apps that someone who uses it has to show and explain it to you.  But enough blathering, what does it do?

Okay … imagine your looking for information.  Oh right, we’re all looking for information.  Fine.  How do you find the latest stuff?  RSS searches, RSS feeds, Google, Google News, etc and such.  Great.  Very time consuming isn’t it?  For me it is, very high chaff to wheat ratio for me.  Lot’s of stuff I read, lots of stuff just passed by.  LeapTag takes this process of finding information to the next level.

You create a tag … which is more like a subject or concept or company you’re interested in…then LeapTag searches the Net and blogosphere for content that it thinks matches the concept/interest.  Fine, high chaff to wheat problem again, right?  Yes, at first.  The cool bit is that as you look at the results you vote Love it (matches) or Hate it (no match) … then via the magic of intelligent design the results get more and more refined.  LeapTag looks that the concepts and content of the results that you love and hate to build a profile to just keep giving you better and better results.

I haven’t hada chance to really put it through its paces yet.  Not connected enough and not enough time, but from the three real tags I created … the results are very impressive.

Oh did I tell you that you can import your RSS feeds from Yahoo, Bloglines or Google Reader?  Yeah then what you’re already looking for becomes fodder for information.  They tell me that my 400+ feeds in Google Reader is going to be a great stress test for them.  Well … I’m always into that.

This is an appl you should try.  Really.


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