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What does it mean to be Mobile 2.0.  Cell phones and other devices are very, very powerful devices.  So what does this mean?  Is the network ready for it (the mobile network that is)?

You know thus far people haven’t been talking about the cost of data transfers.  I think mobile companies are just making a killing on us using all these amazing apps.  Hey, I’m addicted to my Google apps on my Blackberry, and I’ve been going into withdrawal being down here and not wanting to connect because the data costs for me would be insane.  I don’t want to think about my cell bill next month!

Interesting, they are focused on the open platform and UI.  Hmm, is that the real barrier?

Nokia as an Internet company?  Is that a bad thing?  Maybe because I’m not hooked into the the mobile industry to see the problem.

Okay session over … whew cause really mobile doesn’t float my boat.

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  • Nate Westheimer

    I’d definitely say that platform and UI are big issues. But data control-freak carriers are also big barriers, as well as culture, which in the US has little trust for mobile transactions.

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